Systems for your small business

Many, if not most, small business owners are insufficiently prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead when they start their business. Gripped by what Michael Gerber calls “entrepreneurial seizure” they decide, for whatever reason, that they should start their own business. And so they start their business, often with little planning and insufficient capital.

Many believe that expertise in their field is sufficient for success. But technical expertise is only a part of the equation. A successful business must do much more than simply produce widgets. A successful business must deal with marketing, accounting, hiring, training, and much more.

While a business owner can hire experts, outsource tasks, and delegate responsibilities, he must be aware of and possess some knowledge in each of these areas. As the owner he makes the final decisions and sets the strategy. More importantly, he must know the results that he desires and how he intends to achieve them.

There are often multiple ways to effectively to do this. But there is likely one way that is most efficient and effective. There is likely one way that will get the results that you desire with less effort. There is likely one way that you prefer.

As your business grows, you will face many challenges. Not the least of these is employees. And the more employees you hire, the greater your challenges. Maintaining quality and superior customer service become increasingly difficult as your business grows. But with the proper systems in place these challenges can become opportunities. With the proper systems in place, the dreams you have for your business can become a reality.

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