Taking the right path to small business success

If you wanted to climb Mt. Everest, would you seek advice from someone who has done it, or someone who isn’t sure which continent Everest is on? Would you want help from someone who has done it, or someone who hasn’t?

Building a small business is much like climbing a mountain. Both journeys present us with challenges, both mental and physical. Both require stamina, will power, and numerous skills. Both are filled with potential danger and the possibility of exhilarating experiences.

If you were going to climb Everest you would likely seek an experienced climber to guide you. Rather than face the unknown without assistance, you would likely desire someone to help you avoid the chasms and take the easiest route.

Similarly with your business. Why climb that mountain alone? Why venture into the wilderness without a guide? You may not be facing gale winds and Yeti, but the consequences of a business failure can be nearly as devastating.

Most small businesses fail. Business success is an uphill climb, filled with uncertainty and many potential paths to choose from. While taking the right path will not guarantee success, it will greatly increase the odds. Taking the right path is much easier with a guide by your side.

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