Movie review: On the Beach

Imagine that you know that you will die in one month. How would you spend your last weeks on earth?

This is the premise of On the Beach, a movie made in 1959 starring Gregory Peck. The characters each wrestle with their pending death, and each makes interesting choices in how to spend his remaining time. One, for example, fulfilled his lifelong dream and became a race car driver. Others similarly pursue some activity they have long put off.

As I watched the movie I first felt sad. These people were finally pursuing their dreams, and now they were about to die. And then I realized that we are all in the same position as those characters. The only difference is that we don’t know the date of our demise.

So, if you that you would die in one month, how would you spend your last weeks on earth? And why are you waiting for those final weeks? Why not live your dream for years or decades? Why not start living your dream today?

Life is too short to spend our time doing things we don’t enjoy. (I am not speaking of those mundane tasks that are necessary in our lives and businesses.) Spending your days, weeks, and years doing something that doesn’t fill you with excitement is sad.

Each day we write the story that is our life. Don’t let your story be one of regret.

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