A lesson in the importance of being earnest

One of my favorite plays is The Importance of Being Earnest. Written by Oscar Wilde, it is a witty, fun spirited play that delivers an important message.

The plot centers on two friends who carry on secret lives—one in the city and one in the country. Each assumes the name of Ernest during his escapades, and each manages to capture the affections of a woman who insists on marrying a man named Ernest (note the spelling difference from the title). The story follows their adventures, and after several strange and humorous twists, the characters achieve their desired ends.

Such stories provide valuable emotional fuel. They show us—sometimes in a humorous fashion—that success is possible, that our dreams can become a reality.

No long term goal—including building a small business— is easily achieved. Many obstacles and challenges must be overcome. Sometimes the odds may seem overwhelming and success seems like a distant and impossible outcome.

We might feel frustrated, or even depressed, but if we wish to achieve our goals we must press on. We must continue to do the things that will lead to success. That is the importance of being earnest.

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