Written by Joseph Heller, Catch-22 has become a catch phrase for a situation in which no reasonable alternative exists. In the book, a pilot who wishes to be dismissed from a combat mission must be diagnosed as insane. However, a request for a sanity evaluation would demonstrate that the pilot was indeed sane. Thus, the pilot would never receive the required diagnosis.

Small business owners often put themselves in a similar situation. I hear many owners declare that they do not have the money to spend on advertising. Yet without advertising they will not generate customers, and without customers they cannot obtain the funds to advertise.

On the surface this may seem like an insolvable problem. And it is if one looks at it from the typical viewpoint. But if one thinks “out of the box” there are several inexpensive and effective alternatives.

When I first began my business I invested $20 into advertising. I had fliers printed and hand delivered them myself. When I didn’t have a job, my job was to hand out fliers. It wasn’t fun, but it worked.

Contacting past customers is also inexpensive and effective. A short letter, a hand written note, or even a phone call will remind past customers of your company. A phone call costs nothing, except a little time.

Signage on your vehicle can also be inexpensive. I recently purchased 2 magnetic signs for less than $30. These provide continual exposure where ever you go.

Advertising is a necessary component of building a successful business. You can invest money or you can invest time, but you must invest in advertising. While no advertising will produce guaranteed results, the results of not advertising are certain.

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